When you express yourself fully, authentically, and in connection with your higher self, everything falls into place.

This incubator is a 6-month evolution aimed exclusively for those who are ready to take the healing journey of full self expression. When you transform your energy, you transform your business and your life. It's time to SHINE.

Birth Your Creations

Perhaps you've launched your business, are just getting started, or you've been in business a while but now you're just...stuck. Let's level it UP! We will create your high ticket, big, bold vision creation and birth them forth into the world. Expect to make money AND tune into your soul.

Remove the Obstacles

When I work with clients, I summon the energetic and subconscious realms. What is happening that is keeping you small instead of expansive? What patterns are emerging that want to be cleared? Let's transform your relationships, career, and money story.

Expand Your Business

This program is designed to help you expand your business, your life, and your consciousness. You are a shining light, filled with divine love. Your vision is so important! We do this by taking guided, practical and empowering steps towards getting SEEN and noticed online. 

Find Your Soul Tribe

We rise by lifting others. In this community you will create connections that last a lifetime (or maybe other lifetimes). Every time I do this journey I am amazed at the beautiful souls that the Universe brings together. We need each other. Find the support here.

Hey, I'm Suki

Magical creation is my JAM.

Hey, I'm Suki Eleuterio, often known as "Sookton." I am a soul-guided entrepreneur, creative goddess, blogger, podcaster, wife and mom.

Over the years I have found various avenues of self expression including writing (my work has been published in the Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen and other publications), creating programs, teaching high-vibrational courses, creating communities like Found My Light and Lightworkers Rise Up, and much more.

But my absolutely favorite thing to do is work with people all over the world who are so ready to emerge into the next level of themselves and truly step into their highest vision.

Are you ready?

What to Expect

This program is a 6-month incubator and divine, sacred container for soulpreneurs. We are going to get galactic, expansive, expressive, wild, and free.

In the 6 months together you can expect to:

  • Feel an energetic shift in your business and life.
  • Channel your message and mission.
  • Rise into your fullest expression.
  • Overcome your business and spiritual blocks.
  • Reach new clients and manifest opportunities.
  • Create your soul-charged business plan.
  • Gain exposure and visibility online.
  • Start receiving the money you deserve.
  • Receive deep, magical healings and activations.

Coaching Structure

The Creative Goddess Coaching is a high-touch, supportive coaching container. In the six month journey you will receive: 

  • 3 Coaching Sessions Per Week
  • Meditations and Activations
  • Embodiment and Movement
  • Inner Child Healing, Shadow Work
  • Chanting, Mantras, Yoga Philosophy
  • Weekly Voxer Support
  • Monthly lab: homework + office hours

As you move through the program, you will feel a significant energy shift.

Topics we may cover:

  • Creative Healing - routine to awaken your most creative self
  • Money magic streams - abundance blocks removed
  • Self care + spiritual maintenance - showing up as a Goddess
  • Overcoming self sabotage - self doubt is the killer of dreams
  • Your visionary online presence - boosting your brand and your vision
  • Your voice matters - booking speaking engagements, podcasts, creative opportunities
  • Deep inner healing - guided work on the inner child, shadow work, grief
  • The Chakra system - Reiki, Chi, Prana how to use your energy
  • Feminine flow -how to be in the energy of creation and become a natural receiver


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

If you are unsatisfied with your coaching, reach out to us to see if your purchase is eligible for a refund. All requests for refunds must occur before the first week of coaching begins. Extraneous circumstances will be considered.

What is included in the coaching program?

This is private coaching includes 3 Zoom calls per month, journaling, meditations, activations, and lab-work/Q&A time. You will also receive a complimentary CREATIVE GODDESS gift when you sign up!

How long is the program?

6 months long but you always have the ability to ADD more time to our coaching.

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