Are you ready to feel the fire?

One of the things I hear from my clients all the time is, "Suki, I am so tired of feeling stagnant and stuck. I am so tired of doing the same thing over and over. I'm just not happy."

Let's burn that. Let's listen to the soul, elevate the mind, and step into our power.

In this GODDESS immersion you will:

  • Learn to call upon the Divine Goddess
  • Empower yourself and feel confident
  • Tune into your deepest desires.
  • Embody the divine feminine within.

Your highest calling awaits.

Will you walk through the flame?

It's time to STOP Playing Small.

I remember the days when I would spend so much time feeling shameful or guilty, angry with myself, or beating myself up for moments in the past. I was ROUGH on myself and so mean to my body; spending time hating myself and hiding out.

In those days I picked the most rotten men - I guess it was a way of punishing myself. In the end I made myself sick, so sick I had to crawl myself back up. Those were the darkest days...

I was playing small, but there was a ball of fire within me.

So the flames were dwindling down to embers. My creative spirit was dying. And yet I continued on this destructive path.

Then one day I said, NO MORE.

After years of self abuse, I decided to say YES to my wild, creative, fun SOUL! What is the use of living a life if you cannot live it to the fullest?

Now I am getting to live the creative, abundant life I always wanted to live. I am in love with a man who is my very best friend, and my job is to make other people HAPPY and smile.

Enter the High Priestess. Enter the Goddess.

I absolutely love working with high priestesses...

The women who came here to do serious work. They are powerful, magnetic, sensual beings...but sometimes they just get stuck.

Priestesses often don't know they are priestesses. Sometimes they lose sight of the Goddess within.

In this self guided immersion you will:

  • Step Into Your Priestess Energy - Listen to the Goddesses
  • Join a Goddess FB community
  • Learn from Videos, Meditations, Energy Activations


Your Instructor

Suki Eleuterio
Suki Eleuterio

Suki Eleuterio is an angel healer, bestselling author, award-winning blogger, wife and mother to her earth angel daughter, Mishka. She leads workshops and live- video (on Periscope and Facebook) tutorials encouraging others to tune into the soul, listen to their angels and live a happy, creative, and purposeful life. She focuses on the Chakras, connecting with spirit guides and angels, and making healthy living choices to transform the lives of others.

Suki is the creator of the Lightworkers Rise Up movement.

Her first book, She Loved Herself, was in the top ten digital downloads on Amazon in the category of Personal Development and Spiritual Transformation. The book is a collection of stories by women sharing from their hearts what it truly means to love yourself.


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